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Golden Square Mower & Marine

Golden Square Mower & Marine

Golden Square Mowers & Marine

Golden Square Mower & Marine - Lawn Mowers

Rover Lawn Mowers  

Rover Lawn Mowers

With over 50 years experience in Australia and a significant presence in more than 50 International markets Rover Mowers is one of the leading brands for walk behind mowers.

The Rover Mowers brand's success reflects its high efficiency grass catching and mulching designs and an enviable reputation for product reliability. The cutting and shredding systems are based on a platform of highly efficient, low emission, four stroke engines from the largest and most technically advanced engine suppliers.

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Victa Lawn Mowers  

Victa Lawn Mowers

A lush lawn is ten degrees or more cooler underfoot than bare soil, and as it breathes, it works like a natural air-conditioner, cleaning and cooling the air. Not only that, a lawn softens light and reduces harsh glare and reflected sunlight, plus it reduces reflected sound by as much as 20 per cent when compared to hard surfaces. "The humble lawn is often overlooked as a way to store or 'sequester' carbon; It's an ideal 'carbon-sink'. It's estimated your lawn absorbs around four times as much carbon as your mower generates, so you can mow away guilt-free knowing you're well and truly carbon neutral. 

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Honda Lawn Mowers  

TPE (Honda Powered)

TPE are owned by gardeners, and all thier family and friends use TPE products to maintain thier gardens; so at TPE we know what features are important for the products to have, when it comes to weekend jobs.

When its time to mow the lawn, or trim the hedges or blow off the driveway we can offer reliable, effective, garden power tools that start easily and get the job done, ensuring you spend less time working in the garden and more time relaxing in it.

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MTD Lawn Mowers  

MTD Mowers

MTD mowers are nearing their golden years of manufacturing gas-powered outdoor equipment. While the company started out with more commercial brands, in the last 35-years, they have taken the residential market by storm. With the Cub Cadet, Troy Built, Yard Man, White Outdoor brand names under their banner, it is not surprising that so many users support  their products.

Most residential MTD models use either a Briggs and Stratton engine or there own propriatary engine.

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Mower Accessories & Spare Parts  


Golden Square Mower & Marine sell a large range of Mower accessories and components making it your one stop shop when you either need to repair your mower or just replace a blade.

Our friendly staff can help you to chose the correct component for your mower or we can repair it in our workshop quickly, getting you back to mowing your beautiful lawns in no time.

Contact Golden Square Mower & Marine today to see what we can do for you.

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