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Golden Square Mowers & Marine

Golden Square Mowers & Marine

Golden Square Mowers & Marine

Golden Square Mower & Marine - Outboard Motors


Golden Square Mower & Marine are proud dealers of Tohatsu Outboards. What makes Tohatsu outboards different? While other manufacturers focus on building higher horsepower engines, at Tohatsu our focus has always been on building the most reliable engines.

Tohatsu Outboard Engines

Our huge range of 4-Stroke and award-winning TLDI engines also include some of the lowest emission outboards available.
Our engines deliver both power you can rely on, and all the benefits of lower emissions.

Try a Tohatsu and experience the difference. The difference is reliability.

Tohatsu's superior marine technology means better performance without compromising on reliability. Sophisticated design and quality assurance combine to create cutting-edge outboard engines.

TLDI Outboard Engines

TLDI® (Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection) is a powerful direct fuel injection system that reduces emissions over conventional carbureted 2-stroke motors while also greatly increasing fuel and oil economy.

With a TLDI® outboard, you get all the efficiencies  of a 4-stroke outboard and all of the power of a 2-strokeoutboard in one.

2-Stroke Outboard Engines

These Tohatsu 2-strokes are world famous for their reliability, terrific-horsepower-to-weight ratios and top-of-the-line performances!

These in-line 4-cylinder and 3-cylinder outboards provide all of the extra features you want and need without compromising Tohatsu's well-known quality.

4-Stroke Outboard Engines

Our first priority when developing these engines was to make them lightweight and compact without compromising reliability or the quality performance associated with the Tohatsu brand name.

We have maintained the durable standard features that Tohatsu owners appreciate while making fuel-efficient 4-strokes that are easy to transport.

Contact our friendly staff today to discuss which outboard motor best suits your boat and your lifestyle!

For some boating is a past time, for others it's a passion!


Golden Square Mowers & Marine

Golden Square Mowers & Marine

Golden Square Mowers & Marine

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